Gregg County Democratic Party

Gregg County is divided into numerous voting precincts, each of which has a precinct chair to serve the people in that community. If you would like to contact your Precinct Chair or you are interested in serving as a chair, please complete the volunteer form.


Precinct 1Toni Erskine

Precinct 2: Allen McReynolds

Precinct 3: Lisa Yarbrough

Precinct 4:

Precinct 5:

Precinct 6:

Precinct 7: Ross Harrison

Precinct 8:

Precinct 9:

Precinct 10:

Precinct 11:


Secretary: Frank Supercinski

Precinct 12:

Precinct 13:

Precinct 14:

Precinct 15:

Precinct 16: Vik Verma

Precinct 17: Arlesa Lucky

Precinct 18: Marlena Jackson

Precinct 19: Phillip Burns

Precinct 20: Janice Shaw

Precinct 21: Eunice Scott



Media Director: Drew Corbitt